Bai ye tang

Bai ye tang

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For incessant blood ejection, bai ye tang is indicated.

A neutral to warm formula that we can add to formulas when there is lung bleeding.

Bai ye, Platycladi cacumen is cool bitter astringent and clears lung heat and stops bleeding. It has a cooling and descending nature and so calms the reckless bleeding from deficiency. It stops bleeding from the upper and outer body.

Gan jiang, Zingiberis rhizoma, dried is warm (or hot) pungent and astringent. Gan jiang is the main herb to warm the tai yin level and treat excessive dampness by introducing yang ming dryness in tai yin dampness. Warms the interior and especially tai yin. It warms the fluids in the lungs and spleen, while assisting in dispersing cold from the body surface.

Gan jiang warms the tai yin lung to stop bleeding and the temperature balances the bai ye.

Ai ye, Artemisiae argyi folium is warm, bitter and pungent and warms jue yin blood, it stops bleeding due to cold.