Ban xia ma huang wan

Ban xia ma huang wan

ban xia 9 ma huang 9

For palpitations under the heart, ban xia ma huang wan governs.

Grind equal portions of both ingredients and knead with honey to make pills the size of small beans. Take three pills each time, three times daily.

Ban xia, Pinelliae rhizoma is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is pungent dispersing of the cold and dampness in the stomach domain, spleen and lung. It transforms tai yin damp phlegm generated from excessive and stagnant cold dampness and counteracts nausea and adverse flow.

Ban xia is used for fear and fright, throbbing feeling in the chest, fluids trapped in chest cavity, with a closed surface.

Ban xia transforms phlegm and descends Metal to clear the oppression in the chest.

Ma huang, Ephedrae herba is bitter descending of the lungs. It is pungent dispersing of the imperial and ministerial fire. It enters the lung and bladder channel, it opens the surface, and dispels the cold on the surface. Further it dissipates lung qi and pacifies panting through opening the closed lung qi.

Ma huang strongly tonifies shao yin heart yang and diffuses the lung and discharges water and so restores the mandate of Metal.

For palpitations associated exuberant rheum and yang deficiency, bai zhu, fu ling and gui zhi are commonly selected to warm yang and disinhibit water. However, the pattern referred to in this line involves exuberant rheum with constrained yang, so ma huang is selected to invigorate yang, diffuse the lung, and discharge water qi. Other associated signs and symptoms should include panting, vomiting, oppression in the chest and a white slippery tongue coating.

We see ma huang and ban xia used together in xiao qing long tang.