Da jian zhong tang

Da huang zhe chong wan

da huang 12 sheng di huang 12 tao ren 9 xing ren 9 mang chong 9 shui zhi 9 qi cao 9 zhe chong 6 bai shao 3 huang qin 3 zhi gan cao 3

For the five taxations with extreme deficiency, emaciation, abdominal fullness with a inability to eat or drink, food damage, anxiety damage, drink damage, sexual damage, hunger damage, taxation damage, channel-collateral and ying and wei damage, internal dry blood, encrusted skin, and darkened eyes; the treatment principle is to slowly dispel stasis while also supplementing the deficiency.

It treats the demise of blood. It breaks the old blood to make room for new. It is also a blood nourishing formula. This is a long term blood breaking formula for when blood gets dry so yin and blood can takes its place and yang can return.

Dryness belongs to yang ming and when internally excessive it invades and damages the blood and fluids of liver Wood. Liver Wood grows weak and stagnates.

Da huang, Rhei rhizoma is bitter draining of excess heat and dry stool in the stomach domain.

The intense bitter taste of da huang purges the dryness to make room for moisture.

Sheng di huang, Rehmanniae radix recens is bitter draining of heat in the liver blood and the ministerial fire, heart and kidney. It is sweet nourishing and tonifying of the liver blood and kidney. It enters the heart and kidney channel and nourishes nutritive of blood while clearing heat from the yin layers.

Cold, sweet, and bitter sheng di huang nourishes through the shao yin kidney true water to infuse blood with nutritive to fill the jue yin Wood which increases yang by nourishing yin.

Tao ren, Persicae semen is bitter draining and descending of the stomach domain. It is pungent moving and breaking of liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao.

Tao ren cool bitter moves blood, breaks stasis, unblocks the bowels.

Xing ren, Armeniacae semen is bitter descending of Metal. Xing ren descends lung qi, which stands into the interior exterior relation to the large intestine, allowing for a heavy Metal downward pressure on the stomach and large intestine.

Xing ren moistens dryness and unblocks the upper source of water and bowels.

Mang chong, Tananus is bitter and cold, it enters the jue yin liver and frees blood vessels, it drives out stasis, breaks through stagnant blood accumulations. It is bitter draining of old dried blood.

Shui zhi, Hirudo is salty softening of hard dried blood in the abdomen and stomach domain. It is bitter downward draining of old blood.

Qi cao,Holotrichia Diomphalia is salty softening of hard dried blood which allows blood to return.

Di bie chong, Eupolyphaga is salty softening of hard dried blood which allows blood to return.

Bai shao, Paeoniae radix lactiflora is sour, bitter and cool. It is sour collecting of yin fluids and blood. It is bitter descending of heat. It nourishes dryness in yang ming and the jue yin. It descends Earth and Metal and calms Wood wind.

Huang qin, Scutellaria radix is bitter draining and cooling of heat in the san jiao, stomach domain, lungs, liver, gall bladder, and bladder.

Zhi gan cao, Glycyrrhizae radix prep is sweet tonifying and nourishing of all organs but especially the heart.

Zhi gan cao is sweet and mildly warm tonifying and nourishing of yin fluids. It nourishes yin fluids in the tai yin and shao yin. It calms wind in the jue yin.