Gui zhi fu ling wan

Gui zhi fu ling wan

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For women who have preexisting mass disease, for one should purge the mass and gui zhi fu ling wan governs.

A mild blood moving formula. In a low dose this formula is safe even during pregnancy. We can add this formula to blood tonifying formulas to mildly move blood.

Gui zhi, Cinnamomi cassiae ramulus is pungent sweet and warm dispersing of the imperial and ministerial fire. It warms and tonifies the shao yin and jue yin. In doing so it warms and tonifies the whole body.

Gui zhi opens the vessels and promotes the flow of blood, it is one of the most important herbs for moving blood. It warms the vessels and heart and moves stagnant and blood.

Once again we see gui zhi and bai shao together to support Wood wind and anchor it in yin and blood.

Bai shao, Paeoniae radix lactiflora is sour, bitter and cool. It is sour collecting of yin fluids and blood. It is bitter descending of heat. It nourishes dryness in yang ming and the jue yin. It descends Earth and Metal and calms Wood wind.

Bai shao also eliminates lower abdominal and lower extremity cramping by stilling internal wind. It mildly nourishes and moves the blood, treating blood deficiency and blood stasis.

Fu ling, Pori is sweet and neutral. It drains fluids but is not bitter. Fu ling is tonifying the stomach domain, spleen, kidney and bladder to move excess fluids. It moves more than it tonifies.

Why fu ling? Fu ling drains fluids through tai yang bladder and restores the water metabolism. The movement of fluids is the start of movement for blood. By moving water we move blood. Dampness is a form of yin and we move the yin with the fu ling to restore the transformation and transport aspect of tai yin. Tai yin is also the post heaven source of clear qi and yin and blood.

Tao ren, Persicae seme is bitter draining and descending of the stomach domain. It is pungent moving and breaking of liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao.

It moves the blood, descends yang ming and flushes out static local heat. It disperses stagnation while expelling blood downward and is used to break through blood stagnation in the lower burner.

Heavy and bitter, it sinks to break stasis and move blood in the lower Jiao while moistening dryness. It also moves blood and transforms stasis in the internal organs

Mu dan pi, Moutan cortex is pungent dispersing of the liver and pericardium blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is bitter draining of heat in the liver and pericardium blood and the ministerial fire.

Mu dan pi is a blood moving herb that clears stagnation heat from the blood layer. The stagnation heat is caused by increased friction due to blood stasis. Its pungent taste provides movement; its bitter taste provides descent and draining while its cold nature congeals the vessels to prevent blood leakage.

In low dose as pills with honey it is considered safe, but at high dose can cause miscarriages.