Gui zhi gan cao tang

Gui zhi gan cao tang

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When too much sweating has been promoted, and the person crosses both hands to cover one’s heart, with palpitations under the heart, and a desire to apply pressure, gui zhi gan cao tang governs.

Pungent gui zhi and sweet zhi gan cao tonify heart yang.

Used for heart yang deficiency with palpitations. Sweat is the fluid of the heart and it is produced from the steaming of body fluids by yang qi. Excessive promotion of sweat can cause the yang qi to leak out with the sweat, depleting the heart yang, and resulting in palpitations and restlessness, which can be eased by the pressure of the hands on the chest.

Gui zhi, Cinnamomi cassiae ramulus is pungent sweet and warm dispersing of the imperial and ministerial fire. It warms and tonifies the shao yin and jue yin. In doing so it warms and tonifies the whole body.

Gui zhi is the emperor because it warms the Wood to stir the imperial Fire. It warms and moves the blood which tonifies the heart yang. By warming the imperial fire the ministerial fire in the shao yang this supports the three burners so normal function can occur.

Gui zhi is the most important herb in that it warms the heart yang and the imperial fire. When the emperor is strong there is peace in the kingdom.

Gui zhi opens the vessels and promotes flow of blood, it is one of the most important herbs for moving blood. It warms the vessels and heart and moves stagnant and congealed blood.

Opens channels and promotes blood and fluids movement. Gui zhi frees the flow of yang of the channels and organs of tai yang to help expel evils.

Zhi gan cao, Glycyrrhizae radix prep is sweet tonifying and nourishing of all organs but especially the heart.

Zhi gan cao is sweet and mildly warm tonifying and nourishing of yin fluids. It nourishes yin fluids in the tai yin and shao yin. It calms wind in the jue yin. It strongly tonifies heart qi and regulates heart rhythm. It also builds spleen qi to strengthen lung and heart qi to revive the pulse beat.

It balances the pungent gui zhi with its sweet moderation and nourishing. Zhi gan cao directly enters the heart and gui zhi and zhi gan cao embodies the sweet and pungent tonification of yang qi.