Zhi shi xie bai gui zhi tang

Zhi shi xie bai gui zhi tang

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When there is chest obstruction with glomus in the heart, there is residing qi congested in the chest, chest fullness, reverse stabbing from below the ribs to the heart, zhi shi xie bai gui zhi tang governs. Ren shen tang also governs.

It treats cold and dampness in the yang ming that causes chest bind and glomus. It warms yang qi of Earth and clears accumulation of dampness and corrects counter flow qi of the stomach.

Zhi shi, Aurantii fructus immaturus is bitter draining and descending of the stomach domain. It is bitter draining of the liver, gall bladder and san jiao.

Zhi shi moves the gall bladder qi downward and promotes yang ming descent. Zhi shi moves the shao yang gall bladder downward to descend yang ming stomach and large intestine qi and restores the descent of qi to eliminate stagnation and create space for the rising of clear yang of jue yin liver and tai yin spleen.

Xie bai, Allii macrostemi bulbus is pungent dispersing of cold and dampness in the stomach domain and spleen. It is pungent dispersing of the liver blood and the ministerial fire in the san jiao. It is bitter draining of dampness in the stomach domain and spleen.

Xie bai warms the yang in yang ming, moves qi, and controls pain.

Gui zhi, Cinnamomi cassiae ramulus is pungent sweet and warm dispersing of the imperial and ministerial fire. It warms and tonifies the shao yin and jue yin. In doing so it warms and tonifies the whole body. Gui zhi warms and frees the flow of heart yang in the chest and promote the circulation of heart qi through the channels.

Gua lou shi, Trichosanthis fructus is cold, sweet, bitter, and it dispels phlegm and cools, open the chest and disperses accumulation.

Gua lou shi clears heat and transforms phlegm by flushing it out via the large intestine. It opens the chest and dissipates congestion.

Hou po, Magnoliae cortex is bitter and aromatic. It is bitter descending of dampness in the stomach domain, chest and lungs. It is pungent dispersing of dampness.

Hou po is fragrant and penetrating to infuse the stagnating dampness with its aromatic transforming action as well as its bitter and warm drying. It disperses stagnation and moves qi.